The plans of Berg Holding go even further. In the future, we intend to take care of the e-commerce industry at the Berg Holding, which has made the exchange of goods and services online and distance shopping the standard. In e-commerce, the direct and indirect participants include large corporations, small trade companies and individual consumers. The entire exchange process takes place in different configurations. At Berg Holding, we will strive for business-to-business (B2B) trade while building up a network of suppliers and customers and thus tighten the circle of business partners. In addition, we will offer services for individual customers (multi-level sales and e-shops).

Why e-commerce?

The growing popularity of the e-commerce industry brings a number of mutual benefits. These include: cheap maintenance costs (purchase of Internet domains, which are relatively cheap), 24/7 service (shopping at any time of day or night), global reach (reaching a larger pool of consumers), offering more products without the need to store them (virtual products).

Let’s move on!

E-commerce is a good step towards running a modern company. Our Internet services will increase the prestige and reputation of the company, allowing you to monitor the results and increase the level of satisfaction of consumers and business partners. The industry allows you to achieve greater measurable income with little input. When deciding to expand the structure of Berg Holding’s operations, it was necessary to pay attention to this type of reaching out to customers.

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