Dr Ofka Piechniczek

President of Berg Holding S.A.

Firmness, professionalism, creativity and openness are the qualities that characterize a good boss. Ofka is a woman from Katowice who is in love with her region and the former Silesian construction industry. Born in 1984, she graduated from the University of Silesia at the Faculty of Social Sciences and the French L’École Internationale des Sciences Politiques. In 2009 she received a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Silesia and a diploma from the Université de Bordeaux. She is the author of her doctoral thesis “Politics of Upper Silesian regionalism”. She gained her professional experience in PR and advertising.

Kamil Kita

Member of the Management Board of Berg Holding S.A.

He specializes in new technologies. He follows the novelties, establishes new collaborations and is fully involved in every project. Kamil together with Ofka created unique concepts known throughout Upper Silesia and beyond. He was born in 1976 in Czeladz. He gained many years of commercial experience in companies from the construction, media and training sectors. He was President of the Management Board of two large listed companies listed on the NewConnect market. He is a specialist in external financing and business negotiations. He uses his passion at work to ensure professionalism in every brand he creates.

People create Berg Holding.

Karolina Kiczka

Director of Capital Markets

Aleksandra Kruszelnicka

Managing Director of Śląskie Kamienice

Aleksandra Mucha

Managing Director of Śląska Prohibicja

Beata Zaborowska

Managing Director of Hornigold

Paweł Kaproń

Managing Director of NETSU

Łukasz Nowotka

Marketing Director Berg Holding

Michał Nyznar

Investor Relations Specialist

Bartłomiej Wesołowski

Director of Investor Services

What sets us apart.

in prospective
for development
Constant control
of investments


We encourage informed discussion on green solutions for households and businesses. We engage in projects in the real estate industry and new technologies. We prove that Upper Silesia is a great place for development and investment. In Śląskie Kamienice we renovate properties so that future generations can enjoy their architectural craftsmanship. We develop Śląska Prohibicja in Nikiszowiec so that the inhabitants and tourists can enjoy the taste of traditional Silesian cuisine. We renovate neglected premises in order to create accommodation for visitors. We set up photovoltaic farms and produce pumps to contribute to environmental protection. We can do a lot, we want more.


Where will we be in one, three, five and ten years? You can never really predict that. When we created our first company a few years ago, we never thought we would get this far! Now we are a holding company bringing together brands recognized throughout Poland. What is certain is that we never stand still. We open up to new markets, we take advantage of all the opportunities. We will certainly continue investing in technology and e-commerce – we see potential in these branches. We are planning successive development of our daughter companies and we want to further engage in social projects and support local economy.


We focus on professionalism, we are bold, innovative and creative. During all our activities we always remember about the most important values – we put good relations with another person in the first place. We respect local culture and customs, are guided by professional ethics and focus on the development of our employees. Would you like to discuss a project? Looking for support? Want to talk about the future? Learn more about our activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility.

Sustainability within the company and looking after the interests of the local community are our priority. Strong together is not just a slogan, but a true idea guiding each of our undertakings. We care about work comfort, identify with the region and its traditions, help institutions, support social actions and organizations, invest, support, are an honest partner in business and beyond, engage in various projects, and set realistic goals.

We focus on growth

Each of our projects is an investment in a better future.

We care about the environment

We know that eco-activities have a positive impact on our lives.

We respect tradition

We are from here, so residents and their needs are very important to us.

We are the support

We care about good relationships with employees, contractors and customers.

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