Report ESPI 19/2022

Update of the Issuer’s development strategy

The Management board of Berg Holding S.A. with its registered office in Katowice (“the Company”, “the Issuer”), in relation to current ESPI reports No.15/2020 and No.30/2020 concerning the planned strategy of the Company for the years 2020 – 2022, announces its decision to update the development strategy of the Issuer covering a new time framework.

The exsiting key development directions constitute the basis for determining new strategic goals. The company confirms, that the strategic assumptions with regards to the directions of the development remain unchanged und the subsidiaries and associated companies which are a part of the capital group will develop in particular in the markets where they have achieved competitive advantage.

The updated development strategy of Berg Holding S.A. for the years 2022 – 2024 assumes:

  1. Preparation for the debut of the Issuer on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange,
  2. Eleboration of a project to build a factory for the production of heat pumps in Poland; this preparation shall be elaborated together with NETSU S.A. ,
  3. Construction of 5 – 15 photovoltaic farms,
  4. Eleboration of a project to build a plant for recycling photovoltaic modules, heat pumps, energy storages and batteries,
  5. Debut of the companies of Farma Fotowoltaiki and NETSU on the NewConnect market,
  6. Expansion of business activities in the Renewable Energy (OZE) sector, which should include energy storage, biogas plants and windmills,
  7. Transformation of the online shop into a European marketplace,
  8. Development of activity in the electromobility industry,
  9. Launching property development,
  10. Strengthening the office and retail property segment,
  11. Acquisition of further 4 buildings,
  12. Opening of a banquet hall at the Śląska Prohibicja (Silesian Prohibition) restaurant,
  13. Expansion of the sales department , which serves the entire Berg Holding Group,
  14. Export of NETSU heat pumps to foreign markets.

In the opinion of the Issuer’s Management Board, the implementation of the updated development strategy will contribute to the diversification of the Capital Group’s revenues and also the risk arising from the noticed economic slowdown will be reduced. The Issuer will provide updates or changes to the information contained in this report in a separate current ESPI report.

Legal basis:  Art. 17 (1) MAR – Confidential Information

Berg Holding development strategy 2022 - 2024
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